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Good Morning Billy Fans!

Today Real Nappy Week commences and so does Billy’s Great British Nappy Hunt.

It’s a really easy format this year. Billy is using Rafflecopter

Coming Ready or Not…….

From 10am MONDAY 18th APRIL2016 you can go and HUNT for Billy!

He’s good at hiding mind, so make sure you check every nook and cranny!

The 2016 hunt has been made nice and easy! Come and join us on the GB Nappy Hunt

(Please note The HUNT starts Monday Morning at 10am. Any entries submitted before that time will be disqualified.)

Also whilst we have tried to test the hunt on mobile devices and our hunt pages work, we cannot take responsibility if the retailers sites don’t support mobile use.

GB Nappy Hunt 2016 ……

How do I start?

No need to register this year just go straight to the rafflecopter link 

Billy’s main hunt organisers and supporters have hidden a Billy on their websites, you can see a list of them and their prizes HERE on Billy’s Website.

Simply work your way around the sites listed HERE to hunt out Billy.
Billy should always be hidden within 2 clicks of the homepages!

Find Billy’s hiding place on the website site. Collect the words from the image and enter those words in to rafflecopter for that specific retailer …


For Example:

Save MOney


This image would require you to enter “SAVE MONEY” into the rafflecopter box and confirm your entry for that site

You have all Real Nappy Week to complete the hunt – Entry will close at Midnight on Sunday 24th April 2016. Any entries received after this time will not be included in the prize draw. Each individual entry counts so you don’t need to find all of the hidden Billy’s to enter.

Have fun hunting Billy out!



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Billy Needs You!

Billy and the Great British Nappy Hunt is run on a shoestring by a very small team of enthusiastic nappy retailers and manufacturers.  Our aim is to educate parents as to the benefits of choosing cloth nappies, and to encourage an increased uptake of real nappy users via our twice annual Hunt competitions  – The Great British Nappy Hunt which is held during Real Nappy Week in April, and Cloth Isn’t Scary (it really is very easy to use!) which is run over Halloween.

This is where we need YOU to share your love of cloth nappies, to tell everyone how great they are on containment, how easy they are to use, how soft and fluffy they are (would you wear paper underwear?) etc,  and also to share with everyone and anyone you can think of about Billy & The Great British Nappy Hunt and his mission to cloth nappy every baby.

We’re indebted to our sponsoring nappy retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers for their wonderful array of prizes, we’ll be telling you more about these very soon!WeNeedYou

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Billy is Back!

Billy returns once more to tell everyone just how fantastic cloth nappies are for Real Nappy Week 2016.

Once again we kick off the week with our fabulous Great British Nappy Hunt competition, which runs from 10am on Mon 18th to midnight on Sun 24th April.   Throughout the week you can hunt for Billy around our organisers and supporters websites, find the magic key words and enter the competition for some super prizes.

We’re also encouraging you to share the love of cloth nappies.  Real Nappy Week is the week we tell the world of the many benefits of using cloth – it’s not just about saving waste or saving money.  We’ve compiled lots of interesting information for you to uncover on your way around our supporting sites.

Find out more by following Billy on Facebook or on Twitter

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Coming Ready or Not…….

It’s Hunt Time – Have you registered so that you can go play hide and seek with Billy?

MAIN BILLY HUNT How do I start? Firstly, if you haven’t already done so  – Register HERE This year you can join us on the Main Billy Myth Busting Hunt, take part in a daily BILLY BONANZA and take part in any of our other Hunt activities, including our great SHARE THE LOVE SELFIE CHALLENGE, see here for info.

Billy’s main hunt organisers AND participating supporters have hidden a Billy on each of their websites, you can see a list of them and their prizes HERE on Billy’s Website.

BILLY TRACKER You can track your progress this year with the aid of our all NEW Billy TRACKER! – It’s so exciting it’s like tracking Santa! Your Billy tracker will show you where you have found Billy already and where you still need to find him, this will make it easier to keep track during the week. There is no set path to follow so no randomly getting lost this year. You can access your Billy tracker at any point during the week from Billy’s website.


You need to find ALL the RED words from Billy’s MYTH BUSTING INFO and enter them correctly at each hiding point for your entry for the main hunt to be counted. There are 21 Billy images to find, they are all hidden within 2 clicks from the retailers main pages so shouldn’t be too hard to find! So just to recap quickly…

Step 1 – Simply work your way around the sites listed on your Billy tracker to hunt out Billy.

Step 2 – Find Billy’s hiding place on the site. Then click on our little mischief!

Step 3 – Clicking on Billy will bring up another page, here you’ll find some myth busting information about Cloth Nappies, have a read, you might learn something. From this info you need to remember the RED WORD.

Step 4 –  Lower down this info page is a box  for you to submit the RED word from Billy’s info and confirm your entry for that site with your email address.

Step 5 – Your personal BILLY TRACKER will now show a check mark against the site you have just submitted. You have ALL Real Nappy Week to complete the hunt, no rush!

Step 6 – Once you have found Billy on all of the sites, click the final submit button on your billy tracker, we would be really grateful if you would help us out by completing our 2015 RNW questionnaire. Purely for research and tracking cloth nappy usage purposes.

Entry will close at Midnight on Sunday.

Any entries received after this time will not be included in the prize draw.

Why not share our websitefacebook page, twitter feed to help SHARE THE LOVE this Real Nappy Week!

So go sign up and get hunting for Billy, he’s waiting for you…..

He’s good at hiding mind, so make sure you check every nook and cranny!

where is billy

Terms and conditions  apply  and  can be found here:

Please note The HUNT starts Monday morning at 10am.

Any entries submitted before that time will be disqualified. Also whilst we have tried to test the Hunt on mobile devices and our Hunt pages work, we cannot take responsibility if the retailer’s sites don’t support mobile use or are not optimised for mobile or tablet devices. We also cannot be held responsible if a participating retailer fails to get Billy on their website on time, whilst every effort has been made to ensure this doesn’t happen this will be outside of our control, keep an eye on our Facebook page for any technical notices.

We cannot be held responsible if a retailer’s website goes offline due to high traffic demand during the Hunt and if this happens you should concentrate on the other retailers websites taking part in the meantime and return once fixed.


Billy and The Great British Nappy Hunt team

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Are you ready to Hunt?

“I’ve got withdrawals….. can you make another hunt please? Heehee!”

Your wish is our command!   Billy is BACK!

Billy "I'll be Back!"

Billy and his team are gearing up for the 3rd Annual Great British Nappy Hunt, which will take place during Real Nappy Week 2015, from Monday 20th April 2015 to Sunday 26th April 2015!

“It was brilliant. I was telling my husband how well organised it was (not sure he was listening mind you). Everything just worked beautifully and it was great fun. Can’t wait to find out if I have won anything but most of all I can’t wait to start shopping. I found sites that I hadn’t thought of looking on for certain products.”

Billy Tracker is Back

We have retained the fabulous and mobile-friendly Billy Tracker introduced last year. This enables you to enter your answers as you find them, and saves them for you, which means you can pick up the Hunt exactly where you left off.  We all know just how easy it is to be distracted when you’ve toddlers and babies to look after!
“I have just finished the main hunt and wanted to say well done on making it. I think this time you made the perfect balance of a challenge but possible to find the time while looking after young kids too.”

Now in our third year, the team is back and preparing for a new Hunt!

The Great British Nappy Hunt first ran in 2013.  The team behind GBNH wanted to go back to the roots of the Real Nappy movement started an off-shoot of WEN (the Women’s Environmental Network) back in 1997, to provide a new way to engage people that were perhaps not aware of modern cloth nappies, and to educate and to inform them of the benefits of using cloth nappies.

“I was cloth curious but had never tried it. I joined in the nappy hunt and found myself ordering some cloth. After the nappy hunt I’m really excited to give cloth a go. Thank you Billy!”

One resource for all you need to know about washable nappies

The first Great British Nappy Hunt was a resounding success, it ran very successfully and despite  the extra web traffic generated, all the participants websites more-or-less held up for the duration of the competition.  Alongside the Hunt we promoted our Resources pages – a comprehensive guide to all you need to know about choosing and using nappies, including details of Council cloth nappy incentives and schemes, links to the Nappy Libraries and to all the retailers up and down the country.

Tell your friends, and organise an event !

We also promote current nappy users to encourage others to take up using cloth, with our downloadable Event Organiser’s pack including posters and ideas for publicity.  All events will be listed by location on Billy’s web page, please just email details of your event in to  We need more of you to shout out the benefits of cloth to non-users: find our information and downloads here:

“I hadn’t really thought about using reusable nappies but found your ‘Billy’ character appealing when it popped on Facebook, and wanted to know more.  Several pages of your website later I found an event going on in the next town, and here I am with my little boy in his first ever cloth nappies – very cute!  Well done Billy, I will save a fortune and have a nearly empty dustbin”

Cloth Clinic

In addition to our resources section Billy and the GBNH team like to be on hand to help with any cloth nappy questions and regularly host ‘cloth clinic’ over on the Facebook page. Make sure you like the page to keep up to date with events and cloth clinic

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Great British Nappy Hunt Prize Winners list


In the interest of being completely open and transparent we are publishing a final prize winners list from all our competitions held in Spring 2014 under the umbrella name ‘Great British Nappy Hunt’. Those of you who follow our page on Facebook will know there was a series of holiday promotions leading up to Real Nappy Week at the end of April. We had ‘The Great British Nappy Hunt’ known as the Main Hunt plus an Easy Hunt. We had some #billybonus giveaways, we had a ‘Host an Event’ competition as well as ‘Design a Nappy’. All winners were announced on Facebook however we appreciate that it is not always easy to find posts on Facebook.

The majority of winners for our competitions were selected via unless specified otherwise in the competition entry details.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Main hunt winners:

Melanie Browne

Sammyjo Fletcher

Juliea Kidd

Jessica Egan

Anna Bermange

Carolyn Lacey

Fiona Exley

Melissa Jeeves

Kaye Pearson

Lydia Daniel

Kayleigh Roberts

Sophie Vaughan

Rosemary Greenaway

Katherine Broad

Lauren Armitage

Lynsey Stenhouse

Melissa Branzburg

Laura Ingle

Francesca Elliott

Lana Cox

Kathryn Orme

Sara-Jane Butler

Rebecca Mckenzie

Rachel Belcher

Stacey Gardiner

Louise Light

Kat Symonds

Marleen naessens

Sarah Kenealy

Emma Murphy

Tania Watson

Isabel Osei-Bonsu

Rebecca Wright

Catherine Longhurst

Tanzi Spencer

Peter Williams

Victoria Tunnicliffe

Sarah Thomas

Becky Torrens

Nicola Truss

Veronique Visscher

Lorna Carroll

Easy Hunt winners:

Bethan Turner

Vivienne Carey

Tanya Tillack

Janine McKnight

Anna Bermange

Jennifer Barton

Sadie Sadler

Alicia Hill

Jaanka Vider

Marie Robson

Lauren Tait

#billybonus winners:

Roslyn Marshall 

Natalie Lane

Donna Hall

Chelle Ladd

‘Host an Event’ winners:

Nicola Marchant

Sarah Spragg

Penny Broderick

‘Design a Nappy’ winner:

Fiona Exley

Holiday winners:

Burns Night – Xanthe Gazard, Mel Swebes, Sarah Cotton, Joanne Brodie, Geri McCullagh-Smith and Saira Naomi

St David’s Day – Emma Charlton and Sarah Andrews

St Patrick’s Day – Iona Gibb

Mother’s Day – Emma Jackson, Olivia Lee, Becki Sritharan and Lisa Smith

Easter – Angela Ward, Samantha Tandy, Ailsa Roberts, Georgia Blake

St George’s Day – Georgina Clackworthy

May Day – Charlotte Cooper, Carolann Gordon, Xanthe Gazard, Holly Young, Emma Holt


We are pleased to say most winners have been in contact with us. If you have any queries regarding the list or your prize please do not hesitate to contact us


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Millie’s Nappies are giving away a Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights fitted nappy in Mint Green and a Bubblebubs Cover. Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights are a side snapping, one size fits most fitted nappy made from beautifully soft bamboo velour and bamboo jersey making it a super thirsty nappy. Bubblebubs gusseted PUL Covers are the perfect fit over their Bamboo Delights and are available in various sizes from Newborn to Large (winner may choose size).

Billy would love it if you would also SHARE Billy’s Great Giveaway Bonus.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entries will close at 9.30pm tomorrow. One winner will be chosen by random from all entries submitted.

Please note this competition is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook and sharing is not compulsory to enter.

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It all makes sense really, a perfect play date!

Billy is proud to announce that this year he’s working in partnership with Go Real, the Nappy Information Service.



Who are Go Real?

Billy was a bit confused about what Go Real did, so we sent him off down to sunny Cornwall to join the team down there and find out a bit more….. Not only did he see a fab coastline and catch some waves he learnt a whole lot about GO REAL.

Want to know more? Read on…

Go Real is a not-for-profit social enterprise that promotes the use of reusable nappies through a range of activities. Go Real is the cloth nappy information service and first point of contact for both new users and local authorities. For most local authorities a take up of just 5% more cloth users could save them around £6000.

In order to build a sustainable campaign, Go Real relies on the support of its members and partners. In return Go Real provides a great value range of services and benefits, all with a view to helping retailers, manufacturers, Local Authorities and parents. As well as anyone with more than a passing interest in converting more people to using cloth nappies.

In Surrey and Cheshire West and Chester for example, Go Real are working with local councils to provide trial kits for hire as well as all the back up support, enabling parents to hire a kit of washable nappies for three weeks for free.


Membership of Go Real is by subscription. To become a member, you will first need to create a free user account. Once your account has been authorised you will be able to select and buy your membership type – membership starts from just £10 per annum for Public Supporters, who will receive a free Go Real goodie bag as well as Supporters have access to the GoReal forums, receive the Go Real Newsletter, and to be automatically entered into regular competitions. Business membership starts from as little as £12 (+ VAT). And if you are a nappy library membership is FREE!

We think Billy did well on his fact finding mission and came home with new friends that he will visit again!

Working together…

And so you can see…. It all makes sense? A perfect play date! A great match. Working together!

Billy and the Great British Nappy Hunt team want to help Go Real to increase awareness and membership and thus enable Go Real to provide additional services to promote washable nappies, as well as give further help to all local authorities in general promotion and publicity to increase the use of cloth nappies, which will be of benefit to us all.

Go Real also supports local retailers, manufacturers, nappy libraries and in fact any cloth-friendly local business by promoting their events both through their website and on Facebook.

Billy and The Great British Nappy Hunt will be cross-promoting events throughout the build up to Real Nappy Week.







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Billy is on a mission……

Billy is keen to SHARE THE LOVE for cloth nappies and is asking your help to create a swathe of cloth nappy events around the UK so that anyone thinking of getting started with cloth can easily find an event on their doorstep to get to.

Help SHARE THE LOVE and spread the word…..

As you know Billy’s mission is to increase the use of cloth nappies and he needs your help to get the word out amongst new parents, mums to be and anyone that has anything to do with babies!

Billy wants every parent in the UK to know that 28th April to 4th May is Real Nappy Week, and that there are lots of events happening that they can attend and find out just how easy and lovely cloth nappies are to use, as well as how much money and how much waste they can save.

We have a fabulous set of prizes up for grabs for the winners as our event is sponsored by our friends at; Wonderoos, AppleCheeks, Panda Pants, Noahs Ark Baby and gNappies.



How do I Enter?

We want you to organise a nappy event of some sort and hold it between now and 9/05/2014. The format of your event is up to you. Use your imagination – nappuccino, group demo or fashion show for example.

Download our info packs and use the hints and tips to create a new event. Billy also has leaflets, posters and media packs to enable you to publicise your event. All of these can be found in our downloads section

Be sure to let us know when you have sorted a location, date and time, and Billy will put this up on his events page.

On the day of your event…..

At the event ensure you take a great photo of the event in action as you will need to forward this to us by 10pm Monday 12th May with details and numbers of attendees to qualify entry.

How to Win……

The winners will be decided by taking into account the following key factors

1) Originality of the Event – we’re looking for newsworthiness here. Anything that is original will capture the attention of the local press and radio, and thus the attention of your new cloth nappy users.

2) Best Publicity Campaign – we’re looking for events that get the best publicity and thus the most attendees

3) Create a Tweet to inspire attendees to come along, and announce your event.

4) Best Photo of the Event – we’re looking for a photograph that captures the spirit of your event as well as showing us your attendees.

After the event please email with your photo and a max 250 word report with details of what you organised, how you publicised it and how many new to cloth nappies attendees you managed to get through the door. We will be posting your report and photo on Billy’s Facebook page too.

The closing date for entry is 10pm Monday 12th May. Winner will be announced Friday 16th by 10pm on Billy’s social media avenues.

Our judging panel will decide the winners taking the above factors into account.


1) This competition is open to all with the following exceptions ;

a) Organising retailer members of The Great British Nappy Hunt

b) Retailers who are sponsoring Great British Nappy Hunt 2014 competitions, and their employees.

c) The event must be a new event, any existing regular events are excluded from this competition.

d) The event must take place in the UK.

2) The panel of judges will number at least five and will comprise sponsoring retailers and organisers of The Great British Nappy Hunt and invited Special Judges. Their decision will be final.

3) A full list of winners will be announced after the event 16th May 2014



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Billy is back!

Billy has been out and about this year SHARING THE LOVE all over Facebook to launch our new campaign!

It’s all about the love……..


So far you have already seen Billy kick off with “Valentines Billy” sponsored by Billy’s team of organisers. Can you believe our image went viral? Over 18 000 people saw our Valentines Billy, it’s a good job he’s not camera shy! A lucky entrant won a yummy handmade box of Chocolates with thanks to Cathy’s chocolates and cakes and a bundle of Cloth nappies!

In other news, our “Burns Night Billy” Competition sponsored by Nature Babies had us turning all poetic on Facebook as you joined us for the evenings events where we asked you to write us some short verses, 6 of the best won some Nature Babies goodies.

Cloth Clinic

Last week also saw the return of our popular CLOTH CLINIC where our expert team of retailers helped many of our followers with their nappy related questions.

We have lots more exciting activities planned which will run during (and beyond) the run up to Real Nappy Week 2014.

More Chances to WIN with Billy’s Holiday Giveaways

In the lead up to Real Nappy Week we are passing quite a few important dates on the calendar!

What better time to let Billy out to SHARE THE LOVE?

Billy and team are hosting a series of sponsored showcases on our Facebook page as Billy goes out and about to visit some of our supporters!

All you need to do is keep an eye on our social media and your mail box for info on how to enter to WIN.

Next up – St. David’s Day 1st March

St David's Billy

You could be in with a chance to win one of two Welsh Themed semi custom nappies

Billy is heading for the gorgeous coast line of Wales today to visit one of our lovely supporters!

Billy will be celebrating St. David’s Day with style at Made by Amber, who is joining us for another SHARE THE LOVE competition over the weekend. Amber has a Heavy wetter Night Nappy and a pocket nappy up for grabs in exclusively dyed Rainbow Threads minky.

In keeping with the Welsh theme, each nappy will have a beautiful and traditional Celtic embroidery, complimenting the colours of the OOAK minky. Customers can choose their preferred size and inners for the nappies. Visit Amber’s website to see more of her beautiful creations!

Join us on The Great British Nappy Hunt’s facebook page over the weekend for more details on how to enter.

So how’s your Welsh? How will you be celebrating St Davids Day “Dydd Gwyl Dewi”? However you are celebrating, be sure to join Billy on Facebook for some fun and your chance to win some Handmade/ Welsh made cloth goodies this weekend!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus i bawb!

For those who aren’t fluent in Welsh, Happy St. David’s Day!

But let’s not forget what Billy and the GBNH is all about……..

Fun and games aside Billy and his Team aim to help grow the number of cloth nappy users. We will provide experienced support and advice through fun and interactive means. Our website is regularly up-dated, all inclusive and an accessible to all cloth nappy resource. Billy and team does not condone copyright infringement and will only promote and work with experienced retailers and those who are complying with basic DSR’s (Distance Selling Regulations).

If you haven’t already done so you can sign up to our mailing list here.

Billy and The Great British Nappy Hunt team


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