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Is your name on the list?

We hope you enjoyed the GB Nappy Hunt?

We aim to raise awareness of cloth nappies during Real Nappy Week and have a little bit of fun along the way.

Last night Billy announced his list of winners over on Facebook. Many of the winners have already come forward but if your name is on the list then send Billy an email with your address info or tag your friend and we’ll get in touch and confirm your details and let the retailer know.

Keep following Billy on Facebook as we are keen to promote cloth nappies and our supporters all year round.


Winners list:

William Wilson

Joanne Rees

Elinor Sharpe

Hannah M

Clare Coningsby

Angela Ward

Andrea Longman

Sarah Whitelam

Elisabeth Briggs

Francesca Elliott

Charles Taylor

Becki Newman

Naomi Jeffery

Jodie Cashill Gott

Anna Houghton

Elizabeth McGregor

This post was written by Billy of The Great British Nappy Hunt

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Good Morning Billy Fans!

Today Real Nappy Week commences and so does Billy’s Great British Nappy Hunt.

It’s a really easy format this year. Billy is using Rafflecopter

Coming Ready or Not…….

From 10am MONDAY 18th APRIL2016 you can go and HUNT for Billy!

He’s good at hiding mind, so make sure you check every nook and cranny!

The 2016 hunt has been made nice and easy! Come and join us on the GB Nappy Hunt

(Please note The HUNT starts Monday Morning at 10am. Any entries submitted before that time will be disqualified.)

Also whilst we have tried to test the hunt on mobile devices and our hunt pages work, we cannot take responsibility if the retailers sites don’t support mobile use.

GB Nappy Hunt 2016 ……

How do I start?

No need to register this year just go straight to the rafflecopter link 

Billy’s main hunt organisers and supporters have hidden a Billy on their websites, you can see a list of them and their prizes HERE on Billy’s Website.

Simply work your way around the sites listed HERE to hunt out Billy.
Billy should always be hidden within 2 clicks of the homepages!

Find Billy’s hiding place on the website site. Collect the words from the image and enter those words in to rafflecopter for that specific retailer …


For Example:

Save MOney


This image would require you to enter “SAVE MONEY” into the rafflecopter box and confirm your entry for that site

You have all Real Nappy Week to complete the hunt – Entry will close at Midnight on Sunday 24th April 2016. Any entries received after this time will not be included in the prize draw. Each individual entry counts so you don’t need to find all of the hidden Billy’s to enter.

Have fun hunting Billy out!



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Are you ready to Hunt?

Billy and his team are beavering away behind the scenes getting everything ready. Billy would like to reassure you it’s a very easy competition, with lots of chances to win one of our wonderful prizes, and you can complete as much or as little of the competition as you wish.
Look out for details of How to Hunt as soon as our competition launches.

where's billy

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Cloth Clinic

Billy and his team are holding a Cloth Clinic on the GBNH Facebook page on Tuesday 19 April from 8pm.

Do you need any help with choosing cloth nappies?  Or do you have a problem with using them?  Either way, Billy and his team will be available to answer your questions on the night.

Simply visit Billy’s page on Facebook and post your enquiry and our team will help you out.
cloth clinic

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Billy Needs You!

Billy and the Great British Nappy Hunt is run on a shoestring by a very small team of enthusiastic nappy retailers and manufacturers.  Our aim is to educate parents as to the benefits of choosing cloth nappies, and to encourage an increased uptake of real nappy users via our twice annual Hunt competitions  – The Great British Nappy Hunt which is held during Real Nappy Week in April, and Cloth Isn’t Scary (it really is very easy to use!) which is run over Halloween.

This is where we need YOU to share your love of cloth nappies, to tell everyone how great they are on containment, how easy they are to use, how soft and fluffy they are (would you wear paper underwear?) etc,  and also to share with everyone and anyone you can think of about Billy & The Great British Nappy Hunt and his mission to cloth nappy every baby.

We’re indebted to our sponsoring nappy retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers for their wonderful array of prizes, we’ll be telling you more about these very soon!WeNeedYou

This post was written by Billy of The Great British Nappy Hunt

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Billy is Back!

Billy returns once more to tell everyone just how fantastic cloth nappies are for Real Nappy Week 2016.

Once again we kick off the week with our fabulous Great British Nappy Hunt competition, which runs from 10am on Mon 18th to midnight on Sun 24th April.   Throughout the week you can hunt for Billy around our organisers and supporters websites, find the magic key words and enter the competition for some super prizes.

We’re also encouraging you to share the love of cloth nappies.  Real Nappy Week is the week we tell the world of the many benefits of using cloth – it’s not just about saving waste or saving money.  We’ve compiled lots of interesting information for you to uncover on your way around our supporting sites.

Find out more by following Billy on Facebook or on Twitter