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Welcome to ‘Cloth Isn’t Scary 2014’! It’s that spooky time of year and Billy has plenty of treats for you!

Billy and his team have a great competition with over 20 prizes lined up. Please note there is a slightly different format for 2014, so do read this carefully before hunting! This Halloween from 30/10/2014 09.00 am to 23.59pm 4/11/2014 Billy is going trick or treating. Not only is he collecting treats in his swag bag, he’s also collecting answers to our ‘cloth isn’t scary’ questions!

Work your way through our questions and tasks in our Rafflecopter entry form. Each question directs you to a website of a participating retailer, have a hunt about to find the answer to the question and record this in the answer box.

Each correctly answered question gives you one entry for a chance to win one of our randomly allocated prizes.

Of course the whole point about our ‘Cloth Isn’t Scary’ event is to show folk that using cloth nappies really isn’t difficult or scary at all. So please do help Billy, and share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook as to why Cloth Isn’t Scary and let us spread the word to increase the uptake of reusable nappies and reduce the amount of waste.

You have a total of up to 26 chances to win one of our fantastic prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions for Cloth Isn’t Scary 2014 promotion: please retain for further reference

1) There are 23 assorted prizes of nappies and accessories to be won, full details can be found at HERE Prizes will be allocated at random.

2) To enter complete as many questions as you wish on the Rafflecopter form by the closing date which is 04/11/2014 – 23.59pm. One correct answer is one entry.

3) This promotion is open to all UK residents other than agents, employees and immediate families of The Great British Nappy Hunt and Cloth Isn’t Scary 2014 participating and organising nappy retailer s or anyone else professionally connected to the promotion.

4) Maximum one winner per household. Entries from third parties/agents are invalid.

5) The winners will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter under independent supervision. Answers will be checked and qualifying winners will be notified within 5 days of the closing date. All reasonable effort will be made to contact winners, however, if a winner cannot be contacted within 5 days an alternative winner may be chosen.

6) Please allow 10 working days after the closing date for delivery of your prize.

7) Winners may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this promotion.

8) A full list of winners will be published on Billy’s Blog at and Facebook page within 14 days of the end of the competition.

9) The decisions of the The Great British Nappy Hunt team are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10) The Great British Nappy Hunt team accepts no responsibility for incomplete, corrupt or incorrect entries or for any malfunctions, errors or viruses in the software that has been designed to maintain the entrants’ details, or for any incompatibility with all, or any, hardware and/or software that entrants may use. The Great British Nappy Hunt team does not guarantee that the website will be available all the time or at any specific time. Proof of entering will not be taken as proof of receipt of entry.

11) The Great British Nappy Hunt team may collect personal information for the purpose of administering this promotion. This may include contacting the winner via further emails, text messages or calls regarding this promotion. We will not share your details with other organisations.

12) If you believe you have found the answer to a question you must not share the answer with anyone. This includes but is not limited to emails, forums, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, blogs, Money Saving Expert website. If you do share or receive shared information, your entry will be declared void and the competition may be forced closed with NO WINNER.

Don’t be a spoil sport!

Thank you for reading the information and rules. Time to get looking, good luck and enjoy ‘The Great British Nappy Hunt’s ‘CLOTH ISN’T SCARY’ campaign 2014!’

Love Billy xx

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This post was written by Billy of The Great British Nappy Hunt

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Will you be taking part in Cloth Isn’t Scary 2014?

Cloth isn't Scary!

Billy and the Great British Nappy Hunt team want to encourage all the people that think they might use cloth nappies but for one reason or another just haven’t got around to it, as well as tell everyone that’s never ever considered reusable nappies just how good they are – and tempt those folk to using them too.





Billy needs your help to make this a success. He needs you to tweet, blog, post on Facebook, tell your friends and neighbours just why you think cloth nappies are great, and to let everyone know why you found the thought of using cloth nappies scary and daunting whereas actually getting going with your baby in cloth nappies was far easier than you expected.

To celebrate convincing everyone that Cloth Isn’t Scary, Billy and his friends have concocted a simple competition for you to participate in, with lots of fantastic prizes from his supporters and friends…

Keep an eye out on this blog and on Facebook for details of the prizes, and how to enter.

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Cloth isn't scary

Cloth isn’t scary

Cloth Isn’t Scary

While doing baby shows and nappy demos to new or expectant parents, the team here at the Great British Nappy Hunt have lost count of the number of parents who are reluctant to try cloth nappies. Sure, they agree with lots of the pros of reusable nappies, but disposables are just so safe and cloth is scary…. isn’t it?!
So let’s dispel some of those common myths…


Cloth is scary because it is complicated to use.

FALSE: Your mums and grandmas will think you are mad when you tell them you are planning to use cloth and scare you with tales of wet pails, boil washes, pins and plastic pants. Luckily modern cloth nappies are pretty much as simple to use as a disposable. All-in-one nappies are shaped just like a disposable and simply Velcro or popper onto your baby. Once it is dirty just pop in a dry lidded bucket, or waterproof bag, until washday comes and let your washing machine do all the hard work. It really is simple once you try it!
Cloth nappy user Emma Briggs was sure they would be complicated: “When I first started looking to use cloth nappies I was worried that it was going to be really complicated. There were so many different nappy systems, boosters, liners, wet bags, pails etc to choose from. It didn’t take long to work out a system that would suit us and once we actually started to use the nappies it was incredibly straightforward and we quickly fell into a full time routine.”


Cloth is scary because you will get loads of leaks.

FALSE: Reusable nappies should last around 3 hours before you would get a leak from wee. The initial switch may take a bit of remembering to change as regularly, but lets face it, its pretty nasty to leave a baby in any nappy for more than this anyway. And poo leaks – they cower in the face of cloth nappies! Amanda from Baby Bum Boutique is currently cloth nappy-ing her newborn, and hasn’t had a single poo leak to date (despite some seriously runny and explosive poos). If correctly fitted and boosted, cloth nappies are often less leaky than disposables – as confirmed by our fan Katherine Stevenson: “I was worried about leaks – especially poo leaks. Imagine my joy when I found cloth contains poo SOOOOOOO much better than disposables!”


Cloth is scary because it costs so much money

FALSE: The upfront cost of reusable nappies can look like a lot, but it can vary considerably. It is possible to set up with a full load of cloth nappies (15) for as little as £60 if you choose budget brands. Even if branded nappies are your choice you will be able to kit yourself out for around £250.  It is easy to spend over £1 a day on disposable nappies, so within 2 months you could have your money back and go on to use the nappies for 3 more years!


Cloth is scary because there are so many brands and types to choose from:

TRUE – it can be really confusing looking online at different nappies, especially when you have no experience of what they look and feel like. We recommend you get in touch with one of our experienced retailers who can guide you to a brand they would recommend for your personal circumstances. Many places will give you personal demos of the nappies to help with your decision too.


Cloth is scary because I will constantly be washing and drying

FALSE – As long as you get a reasonable number of nappies (15-20) washing will not take over your life! Even with a newborn, getting through around 8 nappies a day, this will give you 2 days worth before you need to wash – simple pop the nappies in the machine after the second day and press go. Much quicker than heading to the shops to buy more disposables. 3 extra loads a week on average will take you less than 30 minutes to wash and hang up to dry.

Modern cloth nappies are often made with materials that are designed to be very quick drying – for example microfibre nappies will easily dry overnight on an airer in a warm room. If you are really tight for time, you can even tumble dry nearly all nappies on a low heat.

Our fan Chantelle Michael confirms this was a fear of hers: “I was worried having to wash and stuff nappies would be so much more extra work…it really isn’t! I actually find hanging my nappies puts me in an instant happy mood and stuffing them is very therapeutic!”


Cloth is scary because it is bulky and will stop my child sitting/crawling/learning to walk.

FALSE – Yes cloth nappies by their nature are a little bit more bulky than disposables (though if you consider the huge bulk of a wet disposable we would argue they aren’t!), but they do not restrict movement of your little one. Several members of the GBNH team have had children who walked before 12 months despite being in cloth from birth. In fact, cloth nappies are often recommended in cases of hip dysplasia, as they hold the legs in a slightly wider position that is better for hip joints.

So there you have it – most of the reasons to NOT use cloth nappies are simply not true and there are so many reasons to give them a go. Who wouldn’t want such a cute squishy nappy on your little one’s bottom? Especially when it will save several thousand nappies from going into landfill, and save you hundreds of pounds over the time your child is in nappies. Please pledge to try a cloth nappy today, and if you already use them to share with your friends that cloth isn’t scary!

If you want more information on cloth nappies take a look over here and watch our for our regular ‘cloth clinic’ sessions that are held on the Great British Nappy Hunt Facebook page.

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