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Billy puts Ailsa from Bambooty Real Nappies in the spotlight this week.

Bambooty is an Australian owned brand however they have a big presence in the UK and Ailsa deals with UK retailers, UK customers and is very supportive of the UK nappy library network



Billy asked: “So Ailsa, what does Mother’s Day mean to you?”

Ailsa replied: ” First problem is it Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday? I like very much the idea of the traditional Mothering Sunday when children living away from home in domestic service (and as apprentices) returned to their homes they could not be spared on other festivals. So it was often the one occasion
in a year when a family gathered.  Any family with nurses, emergency/public service workers, farmers and so on will relate to this!”

In our family we have been blessed with very long lived mothers so we also celebrate the thread of tradition, shared interests, passed on skills, memories and family stories…and this is a good time to share them when the focus is on love and respect for the older family members. Great Grandma now 86 remembers her Grandma and, just, her Great Grandmother and so stories relate back to 19 century! How lovely to collect these together and to keep them to pass on… I suppose that is what a tradition is!

Think all those generations used cloth nappies… The disposible option has only been  one generation and a half…surely we can turn the tide?

So what are the traditions that endure…. Mothers Day cards….lovingly handmade by little ones… a first love poem  for mum by the unabashed 10 year old…joke ones presented by gauche teenagers….lace and roses for Granny……but please let this be the one festival that does not become overwhelmed by commercialism! Posies gathered from the hedgerow or garden (or even the park by my naughty aunt in the 30s) in a jam jar on a breakfast tray. ( this is dad’s..all dads’ …big moment helping the youngsters to make their first cup of tea) How curious it is to lie in bed listening to the whispered preparations for the grand surprise entrance!

And cake! Easter has been ceded to chocolate so Mothers Day is the ideal time for Simnel cake. It doesn’t have to be the 12 apostles round the top..what about one marzipan ball for each family member?

But this is a time that is so difficult for women without a child to remember them…lost babies or estranged families..also indeed for the children and also adults who for whatever reason no longer have a mother to receive a gift.


Billy asked Ailsa to tell us the story of where and when Bambooty began:

Ailsa replied “Bambooty was started by Amelia Singh in Australia when her second child suffered from eczema and she was forced to use cloth. The nappies available provided her husband with a hundred reasons he was unable to change the children’s nappies. So Amelia set out to make a nappy easy enough for Dad to use, that was also comfortable for baby, easy to wash and dry, that was slim under clothing and stylish enough to be worn as clothing!

Amelia came to the UK as a gap student and I met her whilst I was teaching…she is now my boss! That’s the short version.”

Protect your Prada!

Billy enquired “Can you tell us what your favourite product in the Bambooty range is and why?”

Ailsa said “I love all the nappies but the AnytimeAnywhere Change Mat is brilliant! It is roll up and go with lovely bamboo and cotton velour on one side and our pretty pattern PUL on the other. It drapes beautifully over a shoulder giving a soft absorbent place for baby to snuggle against whilst the waterproof protection saves your Prada outfit (haha). It can be used on Granny’s sofa or the park bench, In the car or on an airplane. Unfortunately one is not enough you need three at least which is why we do a discount deal for three!


Billy enquired “You must talk to a lot of parents so what top tip would you offer to someone considering using cloth nappies for the first time?”

Ailsa responded “Experiment at home until you feel confident…..practice on a Teddy bear if you don’t want to disturb baby! It doesn’t have to be full time all the time! I was a full time cloth mum but I did use disposable inserts whilst camping when it was raining…and I didn’t feel guilty!

And this is a tip for anyone…if you ever have to wash a nappy by hand..use a salad spinner to remove excess water!


Following on from that what is the funniest reason someone has given to you for choosing not to use cloth nappies?
“I don’t want my friends to feel uncomfortable that they are using disposable nappies and I am not.” Can you believe it?!!!!!!!! Just last week!


And finally when not busy working what is your favourite way to relax?
I make pots. I have just coiled an enormous rhubarb forcing pot. And I love being in my garden.

If you like the sound of Bambooty products you can purchase them at the following websites:


Kindom of Fluff

Millie’s Nappies

Bambooty UK are active on Facebook and Twitter

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It just keeps getting better – Wham Bam-Booty!

Join us on Facebook this weekend to enter our newest SHARE THE LOVE Competition supported by Bambooty.

Help Billy get the gift right for his mum!

We hope you enjoyed SHARING THE LOVE, again and taking part in our St Patrick’s Day Competition sponsored by Pempem. The whole weekend was filled with green, luck and shamrocks! Congratulations to our lucky Winner who won the custom made St Patrick’s Day themed nappy and accessories custom made for Pempem.

Heading home to Mum …

Billy’s St Patrick’s day trip was amazing, he saw parades, street carnivals and loads of different entertainment. However this was a lot of excitement for our little chap, so although Billy is back from exploring Ireland we have suggested he heads home to visit his Mum!

We can think of nowhere else Billy would rather be, than at home with his Mum on Mother’s Day. But before he goes Billy wants some help deciding….



What can he get his mum? He’s going to stop off to visit Bambooty on his way to have a think!

People take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to pay tribute to their mothers and thank them for all their love and support.
There is a tradition of gifting flowers, cards and chocolates to mothers on Mothers Day. Billy was also thinking of some flowers and drawing his mum a picture but we wondered what you’ve been given?

Bambooty Basics sets up for grabs!

We have 4 Sets of the NEW Bambooty Basics and matching wetbags up for grabs for our lucky Winners this weekend (like the Jade set below).

bambooty prize


Ailsa at Bambooty wants to help Billy choose the best gift ever for his mum, and we hoped you might help too!

So join us on Facebook this weekend to enter our newest SHARE THE LOVE Competition and help Billy get the gift right for his mum!

bambooty prize 2


Billy and The Great British Nappy Hunt team

The team at Billy HQ would like to send our thoughts for those who cannot be with their Mothers today and also to those mothers who cannot be with their children on this special day for whatever reason. Members of our team are affected by pregnancy or infant loss and are all too aware today is likely to be a hard one for some. May the day pass peacefully for you.

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Billy is on a mission……

Billy is keen to SHARE THE LOVE for cloth nappies and is asking your help to create a swathe of cloth nappy events around the UK so that anyone thinking of getting started with cloth can easily find an event on their doorstep to get to.

Help SHARE THE LOVE and spread the word…..

As you know Billy’s mission is to increase the use of cloth nappies and he needs your help to get the word out amongst new parents, mums to be and anyone that has anything to do with babies!

Billy wants every parent in the UK to know that 28th April to 4th May is Real Nappy Week, and that there are lots of events happening that they can attend and find out just how easy and lovely cloth nappies are to use, as well as how much money and how much waste they can save.

We have a fabulous set of prizes up for grabs for the winners as our event is sponsored by our friends at; Wonderoos, AppleCheeks, Panda Pants, Noahs Ark Baby and gNappies.



How do I Enter?

We want you to organise a nappy event of some sort and hold it between now and 9/05/2014. The format of your event is up to you. Use your imagination – nappuccino, group demo or fashion show for example.

Download our info packs and use the hints and tips to create a new event. Billy also has leaflets, posters and media packs to enable you to publicise your event. All of these can be found in our downloads section

Be sure to let us know when you have sorted a location, date and time, and Billy will put this up on his events page.

On the day of your event…..

At the event ensure you take a great photo of the event in action as you will need to forward this to us by 10pm Monday 12th May with details and numbers of attendees to qualify entry.

How to Win……

The winners will be decided by taking into account the following key factors

1) Originality of the Event – we’re looking for newsworthiness here. Anything that is original will capture the attention of the local press and radio, and thus the attention of your new cloth nappy users.

2) Best Publicity Campaign – we’re looking for events that get the best publicity and thus the most attendees

3) Create a Tweet to inspire attendees to come along, and announce your event.

4) Best Photo of the Event – we’re looking for a photograph that captures the spirit of your event as well as showing us your attendees.

After the event please email with your photo and a max 250 word report with details of what you organised, how you publicised it and how many new to cloth nappies attendees you managed to get through the door. We will be posting your report and photo on Billy’s Facebook page too.

The closing date for entry is 10pm Monday 12th May. Winner will be announced Friday 16th by 10pm on Billy’s social media avenues.

Our judging panel will decide the winners taking the above factors into account.


1) This competition is open to all with the following exceptions ;

a) Organising retailer members of The Great British Nappy Hunt

b) Retailers who are sponsoring Great British Nappy Hunt 2014 competitions, and their employees.

c) The event must be a new event, any existing regular events are excluded from this competition.

d) The event must take place in the UK.

2) The panel of judges will number at least five and will comprise sponsoring retailers and organisers of The Great British Nappy Hunt and invited Special Judges. Their decision will be final.

3) A full list of winners will be announced after the event 16th May 2014



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Are you thinking of using cloth right from day one? Here are a few hints, tips, and questions that might help you decide….

Will my baby’s meconium stain my nappies?

No! Although meconium is very black and tarry, if you do a rinse before you wash your nappies, it will come out in a normal wash. If you want to be extra sure you won’t stain your nappies, you could add a fleece liner in to ensure the meconium is caught (in our experience most of it sticks on the bum anyway!)

1489195_10152330196792008_29586979_nWill they look too bulky on my newborn?

Lots of new parents think that cloth nappies will look huge on their brand new tiny babies. If you choose a nappy designed for newborns they should fit well from around 6lb in weight without being too bulky. They might look a little big at first, but you will soon learn that babies grow really quickly!

What about the umbilical cord?

Some newborn nappies have a snap-down section that will allow it to go under the umbilical cord while it is healing. However, as long as you keep the area clean and dry, it shouldn’t do any harm if the nappy goes over the cord either.

What different nappy options do I have for a newborn?

Newborns obviously grow very quickly, so many people like to go for an economical option for the early days. Good-quality muslins can be folded and used with a Nappi Nippa and a wrap for a very simple and cheap way to cloth nappy from the early days. Those muslins come in useful later for many other purposes.  Other cheap and useful options for newborns are smaller sized terry squares. 40cm is ideal for low birth weight babies/twins, or 50cm which may last up to a year without the bulk of a standard 60cm.  Prefolds are an option – always wrap around and secure with a Nappi Nippa for best containment.

Alternatively, all-in-one options are very simple to use, but fitted nappies with wraps are super reliable.  Always make sure with a fitted nappy that the wrap is the correct size for your baby, a fitted nappy can always be folded down to fit your baby but it is the Cloth Nappies and Newbornswrap that is the last line of defence, hence needing to be best fit.

Where can I find newborn nappies?

There are plenty of options available, you might decide on a the cheapest options of flat nappies, muslins, terries and prefolds. Or you may choose a fitted nappy which could fasten with a Nappi Nippa, or with Velcro/popper. The latter are more expensive but will give good containment.  Both these options need a snugly fitting wrap over the top designed specifically for the size/weight of a newborn baby.
Alternatively there are smaller sized all in ones and pocket nappies, these are typically designed to fit from 5-6lb, which you may find more convenient being just one piece to put on. We suggest you contact your local nappy retailer or nappy library for advice on what’s available.  You can find a list of retailers and a map detailing your nearest nappy library here.

How many newborn nappies will I need?

Newborns can get through a LOT of nappies – 8-10 in one day. Realistically, a bare minimum of 15 nappies would be needed if you keep on top of your washing. 20 would allow for a more relaxed approach.  If using a two part nappy and wrap (whether flat or fitted nappies) you’ll also need about 4-5 wraps.

What type of nappy would you recommend if I am planning on breastfeeding?

As breastfed poo is generally very runny and can be explosive, containment is going to be one of your key requirements. You don’t want to have a poo explosion from the back to the hairline, as is frequently found with disposable nappies. Unlike cloth nappies, disposables don’t have any elastic along the waist.

We would suggest trying a two part system of nappy and wrap. This gives you a double barrier of elastic at both the waist and the leg, and gives you the bomb proof combination to help hold those explosions in the early days – if the nappy leaks, then the wrap contains. There are plenty of brands of fitted nappies out there, ask your local retailer or nappy library for advice. As long as you use a good wrap that is the correct size for your baby, it is the wrap that does the final containment. For wraps, we would suggest a wrap with leg gussets, that provides a snug fit at the legs and giving a deep channel to contain mess.

Cloth Nappies and NewbornsCan I use Birth-to Potty Nappies on a newborn?

Birth to potty (BTP) nappies can definitely be used on some newborns with success. Most one-size nappies realistically fit well from 9-10lb in weight, so if you are expecting a larger newborn they are a great option to save you money and get you set-up for the long term. We have known BTP nappies be used with success on babies as small as 6lb, but they will look bulkier than newborn specific nappies. If you plan to try BTP nappies look for ones with cross-over waist snaps or Velcro to increase your chances of a good fit.

What do I do with all the newborn poo?

Some people choose to rinse nappies before putting them in the dry pail, however there is no need to do this. Simply chuck them in your machine mess and all, pop a cold rinse on before your main wash, and it will deal with all the mess! Using fleece liners can help prevent any stains on your new nappies. Paper liners can often be fairly ineffective at containing breastfed poo

Newborn cloth nappies.

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pempem logo


Pem Pem – A unique shop offering natural baby and earth friendly products designed to make your life a little sweeter and the world a little greener!

Pem Pem is a mother-owned and operated shop. I am proud to offer a growing selection of natural products including cloth nappies, not for only babies, also we have adult nappies, nappy accessories, bio-degradable nappies, toiletries for baby and mum, baby carriers, children’s dental products, clothing, chemical free cleaning products …………. and much more!

Billy wants to introduce you to Melinda, the Mum and Businesswoman behind PemPem who is sponsoring our St Patrick’s Day Competition.


Billy asked Melinda to tell us what inspired her to start PemPem?

Melinda replied: ” I started PemPem when I got pregnant in 2012. At that time I was living in Hungary and couldn’t really find a place where I could get real nappies and other eco-friendly baby products. I started searching a lot and decided to open my first web and real physical shop in Budapest, Hungary.
The life and work took me to the UK and I didn’t want to just leave PemPem as I didn’t leave my baby so I took it to the UK.”

“Every day I learned more and more. I think with cloth nappies you never know enough. I think this is a type of “business” that you do because you LOVE and you care about other babies and the planet. I have been using cloth on my baby since she was born and she is 19 months old now. She is inspiring me.”

Big and Small

Billy quizzed Melinda on what her favourite product in the PemPem range is and why?

Melinda responded: “It is so hard to choose what is my favourite product. Most of the people who know me, they know I test most of the products before it comes in my store. So whichever I like, works well, that is all.”

She continued “It maybe a little strange to say that but I am really proud to sell and keep adult cloth nappies. I get great appreciation from all my lovely elderly customers, because most of the real nappy stores focus on babies, but I like to be thinking about elderly or ill people as well.”

Top Tip

Billy then asked: “What top tip would you offer to someone considering using cloth nappies for the first time?”

Melinda said: “When someone makes a decision to start with cloth or change to cloth nappies my advice would be please don’t just jump in and start shopping by prints and brands or so. First search around, maybe use cloth nappy libraries and have a try which type, or fabric you like. Velcro or popper? Paper liner or fleece liners. I can say every area in the UK has a nappy library nearby and usually every month they hold a nappucino event where they explain so, so many things.”

“Think about the planet and the reason why you would like to use real nappies not just be a fashionista!”

Great Feedback

Billy enquired what Melinda enjoys most about her job?

Melinda replied: “Helping people to choose and go in the right direction. That can be a newborn baby, toddler or elderly, ill people. I like to give advice and when they are listening to me I love to get great feedback and all the fluffy love that I got.”

“It is hard to explain when you get phone calls or long emails saying how happy they are and how much they like the nappy or other products or how much it has changed their lives. It is simply a pleasant feeling!”

Family Time

Finally Billy likes to know about out of work things too! He asked Melinda what she likes to do when not busy working  – “what is your favourite way to relax?”

She responded: “When I’m not busy with work, I just simply enjoy spending every single minute with my family. Walking around with my dog and my baby. My family is my love and my joy.

See for Yourself!

You can see for yourself what products are available:

Melinda has a website:

and is active on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest

If you wish to contact Melinda please do so through one of the options above.


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Another holiday, another chance to win……

Diolch yn fawr (many thanks) to everyone who took part in our St David’s Day Facebook Competition, Welsh or not, everybody was welcome to join in the FUN!  We had you ‘Sharing the love!’ and naming Billy’s souvenir toy dragon for an extra chance to win. The winning name chosen by Amber was ‘Non’ which was the name of St David’s Mother. Legend has it that Non was also a niece of King Arthur. Where would we all be without our Mothers? Our other winner was generated by

Huge congratulations to our two winners who both win a semi custom Welsh themed Nappy.

 Join us for pastures new…..  St Patrick’s Day

We wish you Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

After a fantastic St David’s Day with Made By Amber, Billy is off across the sea to Ireland to learn all about St Patrick’s Day and join in the Parades……….

We have sent our friend Melinda from PemPem with him to make sure he behaves and most importantly returns home again!

“Ireland is where strange tales begin and happiness is possible” – Charles Haughey

Saint Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate it’s intended meaning, St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide.

Ireland brings us – Oscar wilde, Riverdance, Guiness, U2, William Butler Yeats, Francis Bacon……….

St Patrick’s Day isn’t just celebrated in Ireland…..

Celebrations of St Patrick are worldwide! Keeping the Irish Heritage & Irish Traditions alive amongst the descendants of the Irish Emigrants who settled in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada & New Zealand, in search of work & a new life.

If you would like to find out more about St Patrick’s day celebrations around the world we found this site very informative

Wherever you are this St Patrick’s day, be sure to come and SHARE THE LOVE! – Roinn an Ghrá with Billy & Friends.

More chances to win ……….Do you have the luck of the Irish?

May the Irish Hills caress you;

May her lakes and rivers bless you;

May the luck of the Irish enfold you;

May the blessing of St Patrick behold you.

(traditional Irish blessing of unknown author)


Join us  on Facebook to SHARE THE LOVE / Roinn an Ghrá once again with our spritely Billy this weekend as he spends some time celebrating with PemPem in the Emerald Isle.

You might strike GOLD and be lucky enough to win a St Patrick’s Day Themed Prize!


a unique one size nappy, matching t-shirt and wetbag

We have a one size pocket nappy, matching t -shirt and wetbag made by Beau Bespoke. All designed uniquely and custom made for Pempem’s Irish adventure!

Does that wet your whistle?

Join us on Facebook this weekend, follow Billy’s entry instructions pinned to the top of the page and you might be Lucky!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit (Happy St Patrick’s Day)!

Billy & Team

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Made By Amber – Welcome to Made by Amber, where your favourite fabrics and imaginative ideas are transformed into gorgeous, one of a kind nappies.  Developed from the original ‘Upsy Daisy Nappies’ nappy shape, the nappy designs are exclusive to both Made by Amber and Luscious Little Somethings nappy ranges.  Made by Amber offers a personal nappy making service, with each nappy being made to your own unique style and specifications.  By using your own special fabrics, or choosing from instock ones, you can be sure of a nappy as individual as your little one.


Billy likes to get to know his friends a bit better and this week he put Amber in the spotlight and asked the following questions:

Billy: “What got you interested in cloth nappies originally?”

Amber “I began making cloth nappies almost 7 years ago. I was using them on both my son and my daughter at the time and had hand sewn a couple just to see if I could make them or not. A good friend had a nappy making business then and as I was so keen on cloth I offered to help and it all took off from there.”

Quirky and Unusual

Billy asked “Have you got any exciting plans for 2014?”

Amber replied “This year I am working on a lot of “alternative” themed nappies, using some really funky fabrics. I’ve always been one for the quirky and unusual and I’ve realised a lot of my customers are too, so I’d really like to cater more for that market.”

made by amber moustachio

Truly Unique

Billy then questioned Amber “What is your favourite product to make?”

She replied “My favourite product….hmmmm….I love when customers send in random things like t-shirts or duvet covers and ask for nappies to be made from them. You can have some real fun putting together a truly unique nappy that way.”


Billy loves to promote cloth nappies and is always interested in hearing what other people advise, he asked Amber “What one tip would you offer to someone considering using cloth nappies for the first time?”

I think my best tip would be “borrow”. Borrow as many different types and brands of nappies as you can when you first venture into cloth. Not all nappies suit all babies so it’s important to try as many different styles so you can see what sort will suit your baby best. Local cloth libraries are a great place to do this….you can also meet other like minded parents there too!


And finally Billy asked “When not working, your favourite past-time is …………………………..?”

Amber replied “When I’m not working, I try and spend as much time with my children as possible. We enjoy day trips and being outdoors, exploring new places and

of course a great big picnic! Oooh and coffee! Lots of coffee :-D
Made by Amber is active on Facebook and can be contacted via her website
If you have seen something your like or would like to place a custom order then please do get in touch!
Billy will be back with another ‘in the spotlight blog soon’ keep checking our Facebook page for updates or sign up to our mailing list here

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Billy is back!

Billy has been out and about this year SHARING THE LOVE all over Facebook to launch our new campaign!

It’s all about the love……..


So far you have already seen Billy kick off with “Valentines Billy” sponsored by Billy’s team of organisers. Can you believe our image went viral? Over 18 000 people saw our Valentines Billy, it’s a good job he’s not camera shy! A lucky entrant won a yummy handmade box of Chocolates with thanks to Cathy’s chocolates and cakes and a bundle of Cloth nappies!

In other news, our “Burns Night Billy” Competition sponsored by Nature Babies had us turning all poetic on Facebook as you joined us for the evenings events where we asked you to write us some short verses, 6 of the best won some Nature Babies goodies.

Cloth Clinic

Last week also saw the return of our popular CLOTH CLINIC where our expert team of retailers helped many of our followers with their nappy related questions.

We have lots more exciting activities planned which will run during (and beyond) the run up to Real Nappy Week 2014.

More Chances to WIN with Billy’s Holiday Giveaways

In the lead up to Real Nappy Week we are passing quite a few important dates on the calendar!

What better time to let Billy out to SHARE THE LOVE?

Billy and team are hosting a series of sponsored showcases on our Facebook page as Billy goes out and about to visit some of our supporters!

All you need to do is keep an eye on our social media and your mail box for info on how to enter to WIN.

Next up – St. David’s Day 1st March

St David's Billy

You could be in with a chance to win one of two Welsh Themed semi custom nappies

Billy is heading for the gorgeous coast line of Wales today to visit one of our lovely supporters!

Billy will be celebrating St. David’s Day with style at Made by Amber, who is joining us for another SHARE THE LOVE competition over the weekend. Amber has a Heavy wetter Night Nappy and a pocket nappy up for grabs in exclusively dyed Rainbow Threads minky.

In keeping with the Welsh theme, each nappy will have a beautiful and traditional Celtic embroidery, complimenting the colours of the OOAK minky. Customers can choose their preferred size and inners for the nappies. Visit Amber’s website to see more of her beautiful creations!

Join us on The Great British Nappy Hunt’s facebook page over the weekend for more details on how to enter.

So how’s your Welsh? How will you be celebrating St Davids Day “Dydd Gwyl Dewi”? However you are celebrating, be sure to join Billy on Facebook for some fun and your chance to win some Handmade/ Welsh made cloth goodies this weekend!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus i bawb!

For those who aren’t fluent in Welsh, Happy St. David’s Day!

But let’s not forget what Billy and the GBNH is all about……..

Fun and games aside Billy and his Team aim to help grow the number of cloth nappy users. We will provide experienced support and advice through fun and interactive means. Our website is regularly up-dated, all inclusive and an accessible to all cloth nappy resource. Billy and team does not condone copyright infringement and will only promote and work with experienced retailers and those who are complying with basic DSR’s (Distance Selling Regulations).

If you haven’t already done so you can sign up to our mailing list here.

Billy and The Great British Nappy Hunt team


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