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01. July 2013 · Categories: Cloth Clinic

Our ever popular cloth clinic, which we hold over on our Facebook page, raises lots of questions from parents about cloth nappies from leaking issues to which type of nappy is the best. We love to help answer all your questions and thought we would start at the beginning and put our answers on blog posts for you.

So are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Well, we shall begin right at the start….

How many cloth nappies will I need to use cloth nappies full time?

Depending how organised you are, and whether you have a quicker drying synthetic nappy such as pocket with microfibre insert or are tumble drying, most people tend to have an average of 15-20 nappies, slightly more for a newborn.  If using fitted nappies, then you’d need 4-5 wraps (definitely 5 is easier for a newborn).  If buying for twins or two in nappies, then it’s worth remembering a standard machine load is 15-18 nappies, so you’ll need enough to last till your load is dry, so you would probably need at least 30 nappies for two children.

What are the start up costs for full time use?  

It does depend on the type of nappies you choose to buy. From as little as £80-90 for terry squares, Nappi Nippas and one size wraps, which is a traditional system that will fit from birth to potty. If you decide for example to go for a brand such as TotsBots, it will cost about £350 for a pretty set of EasyFit all in ones.

There are optional but very useful extras such as your bucket and mesh bags, which do make life easier. There is also the option of buying washable wipes, which will save you a fortune on buying baby wipes.

On average, considering all the above, the average spend for all you need to cloth nappy full time is around £250.



How do I know which type of nappy to start off with?

If a newborn, especially a breastfed one, you’re going to have to contend with runny poo, and thus containment is going to be your top priority.  Most people are amazed how efficient a well fitting cloth nappy is at containment when compared with a disposable. Disposable nappies have a thin leg elastic and all to frequently none at the waist resulting in poo-to-the-hairline explosions!

The best system for a newborn is going to be a fitted nappy and appropriately sized nappy with a separate well fitting wrap again of the correct size over the top.

For an older baby I would look more at your needs – do you need quick drying, is cost a concern,  or are your priorities local production (British Made) or of a natural fibre or organic?  Then I’d choose something within that remit that looks like it will fit well eg don’t buy something where reviews say comes a bit low in the rise if your 18m is above the 100th centile!

Billy has more information about different types of nappy over on his website – click here for more information.


A lot of Billy’s collaborators do try before you buy scheme and are always happy to advise which nappy would suit your baby and lifestyle, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of us. Please see below for the list of where you can get in touch:

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If you are keen to see nappies in the flesh, most nappy retailers help run or organise local events in their area to publicise the benefits of using cloth. This could be antenatal classes, parenting groups or events working with local councils, so do be sure to check out our Events page.

We’ll be back with cloth clinic soon, make sure you keep in touch on our Facebook page!