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New to Cloth Nappies?

Real Nappy Week is all about encouraging new cloth nappy users.

Confused by the choices, don't know where to start? Need some help?

Visit our Nappy Info Pages and let Billy help you sort out what you need, We have all the info right here.


Spread the Word

The Great British Nappy Hunt is about more than winning prizes, it is also about spreading the cloth word.

Please visit our Resources Section where you can get a selection of info sheets, posters and leaflets to help you set up events, pin on notice boards or just to inform people of the benefits of using Cloth Nappies.



Real Nappy Week....

Find out a little bit about Real Nappy Week, where it came from and what it is all about.


What else is on this week....

Visit our events page to find out about the events that are happening up and down the country to promote the use and benefits of Cloth Nappies.


So where can I buy?....

Our Hunt retailers recognise that there is a big wide world out there.


So if they don't have what you are looking for please do have a look at the comprehensive list of UK based Retailers, Makers and Manufacturers Billy has put together to help you in your nappy buying.



Libraries/Council Schemes...

Want to give cloth a go but still a little unsure?

Why not check and see if your local council runs an Incentive or Voucher scheme?

Use the interactive google map to check out your nearest Cloth Nappy Library? Where you can usually hire to try before you buy.